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We would like to welcome you to our website! The purpose of this website is to provide information for the local meeting times and locations of the Church of God International in South Carolina. We currently meet in two different locations, Summerville and Santee. We are scheduled to meet twice a month in Santee and once a month in Summerville. Generally, one Sabbath a month has no local services scheduled. We try to keep our calendar up to date with our times and locations but would encourage anyone who would like to visit with us to call or email in the event there has been an unforeseen, last minute change to the schedule. Local contact information is provided on this page. We do welcome visitors! 

The Church of God International has it's home office based in Tyler, Texas. We have included a link to the main webpage of the CGI at the top of the page. The link provides you with easy access to the main webpage and all of the resources available, such as free literature and recorded sermons. There is also a weekly webcast of Sabbath services live from Tyler at 12:00 pm eastern time.


                                          Local Contacts

        Mike Nolen, Elder  843-761-5211

        Gene Morris, Host  843-899-2572

                                                Holy Day Calendar 2015

                                     New Testament Passover: April 2 **

                               Feast of Unleavened Bread: April 4 - April 10

                                             Feast of Pentecost: May 24

                                        Feast of Trumpets: September 14

                                       Day of Atonement: September 23

                               Feast of Tabernacles: September 28 - October 4

                                            Last Great Day: October 5

                                              ** Observed at Sunset

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